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I mainly do science fiction, animations and demotivational posters.



The Loveliest Flower in the Meadow by AleximusPrime

This is so beautifully done that I can't even find the proper words to describe how good this is. My heart melts into a puddle of pink ...

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Any to share? Maximum 5 please:

My Little Pony - Jago from Killer Instinct by WheelJackson  Pinkie Picasso Pie by WheelJackson  Sweetie Prank by WheelJackson  It Ain't Over Till the Fat Filly Sings by WheelJackson  Cyclone by WheelJackson
Dromaurians by WheelJackson
A concept for another alien race in the project I've been working on.

These are Dromaurians, as mentioned in this character sheet from earlier Character Concept by WheelJackson

Here is the rundown on Dromaurians.

Dromaurian facts


            Dromaurians are conceived sexually. Their babies develop while encased in eggs. Each Dromaurian woman can have a clutch of up to 3 eggs on

average, but some have successfully had clutches of 7 or 8. For 8 months the eggs develop within the mother’s womb, and spend the final 2 months in a

nest with her lying on top. That is why she must gain 200 pounds of fat, and she must remain asleep on the eggs constantly afterwards.

            Dromaurian babies stay sustained before hatching via yolk sacs, giving them nutrients through their belly buttons. The yolks are formed from fat

in the mother’s breasts. Unlike in mammalian races, the breasts are reserves of fat, proteins and vitamins for the babies. At the end of the tenth month,

the now empty yolk breaks off and dissolves. Each baby breaks through the egg, and alerts the mother by making small chirping sounds.

            Newborn Dromaurians are helpless to move, and will spend their first 12 months mostly on their backs. Overtime they eventually are able to

crawl, then walk, and finally run. Until then, however, their mothers will have to bring meat and fruits to them. Dromaurian babies have sharper claws

and teeth than the adults, as they haven’t been worn down from age. Unlike humans, Dromaurians are born with teeth that will stay with them their

whole lives.

            Dromaurians remain infertile and impotent until they turn 18 years old. Primary changes in their bodies include longer feathers, increased levels

of energy, and longer tails. Changes exclusive to boys are tighter muscles and wider shoulders. Changes exclusive to girls are deposits of fat in the

buttocks, thighs, and the formation of breasts. Both sexes stay fertile until they turn 50, and at that time their energy levels drop further and further

until death.

Life expectancy:

            Dromaurians live on average anywhere from 90 to 150 years old.


            Dromaurians are primarily carnivores, although they will eat fruits and nuts to get essential vitamins not found in most meat they eat. When

they have meat, Dromaurians will eat every part of the animal that is not cartilage or bone. Similarly they will not eat the seeds of whatever fruit they



            Until they turn 18, Dromaurians wear clothing over everything but their feet, hands, heads and tails. When they become adults, Dromaurian

women wear a variety of two-piece outfits baring their midriffs, and often their buttocks. For men it’s usually one-piece outfits, but some men like to go

with two-piece outfits instead. Both men and women wear loincloths, skirts, thongs or shorts. Dromaurians 50 years and older prefer to cover up with

long robes, since by then they’re no longer capable of reproducing.

            Dromaurian police officers wear light body armor, while the military wear heavy powered armor. The wealthy are instantly recognized for wearing

fancy jewelry and gold. Royalty wear extravagant crowns of feathers from local birds, and sometimes chains of colorful flowers. 

Gender roles:

            Men and women in Dromaurian society are generally equal, although female rulers are more common.


            If a Dromaurian woman decides she wants to marry someone, she will give her desired partner a curtsey. When men wish to marry someone,

then bow to them on one knee. Women present a desire for sexual activity with a roll of her belly, and men present it with a thrust of his crotch.


            A typical Dromaurian wedding has guests from both sides of the engagement. The groom is dressed in a long black robe, carrying with him the

two wedding bracelets. The bride is dressed in a wraparound white gown, with chains of flowers around her neck. A priest or priestess conducts the

ceremony, with a tribal chorus singing behind the altar. Once they’ve reached the altar together, the bride and groom exchange vows, bump fists, share a

chest bump, and are pronounced husband and wife. They then put on their respective wedding bracelet so that, from now on, other people will know

they’re married.


            The Dromaurians are divided up into 4 tribes, one for the North, South, West and East corners of Dromaur. Either a king or queen, who rule until

death, rules each tribe. Whenever a Dromaurian monarch dies, their oldest living child must take their place on the throne. Each monarchy has a military

for defense, and police department to enforce laws. The queen or king cannot declare a law unless enough tribespeople vote yes towards it.


            Dromaurians are anthropomorphic, bipedal beings with similarities to dinosaurs of the raptor family. They have thin outer coats of feathers, with

longer feathers on top of their heads. For flight, they sprout longer lifting feathers from their arms, turning them into wings. Dromaurian outer coats

come in a massive variety of colours, light and dark, but they all have white undersides. Each Dromaurian has specific paint on their body based on their

personality and/or job.


            Dromaurian traditional music has a variety of instruments. These instruments include brass horns, flutes, drums, cymbals, gongs, guitars and

violins. The style of instruments depends on which tribal region they’re from. Nowadays Dromaurians have accepted modern music and musical genres

into their lifestyle, but most prefer their native music.

Vladimir Putrid, I mean, Putin, just made a shady deal with Iran that it will have more military co-operation with Russia.…

In other words Putin just got cozy with one of the West's biggest enemies, AND one that even has plenty of nuclear technology to start massive wars.

Here comes World War III.

What do you think of your beloved macho man now, Putin fanboys?
Think there will be another Occupy movement? -_-
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Sorry, I really wish I had a better topic to post about, but this is a big concern for me.

You are not gonna believe what just happened:

And this is over something related to video games of all things. >.<

Worst of all is that the admins at Twitter did nothing! Even deviantART admins are more useful than this.

Think there will be another Occupy movement? -_- 

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